About Neutral Path

Your Single Source Solution
Neutral Path was born out of broadband service provider demand for a simple and route mile efficient means to fill the growing need for fiber connectivity to key points in the Midwest. While many parts of this region have  significant fiber resources, in many cases these facilities are underutilized because they are often difficult to identify, source, connect and ultimately provide an efficient, single source solution to a carrier’s connectivity needs.

Neutral Path provides that single source solution. We design our fiber network to optimize connections to key carrier aggregation points, enabling cost saving public and private peering and access to low cost upstream Internet providers. In addition, we establish wholesale relationships with existing fiber owner/operators with fiber capacity to last mile destinations off of our primary long haul path, thus making it easier for customers to reach these key aggregation points, while creating new revenue opportunities for our customer partners with this excess fiber. 

Neutral Path takes the time to learn our customers’ current and planned capacity, security, redundancy and financial goals and objectives. Armed with this information, we act as a partner to deliver the most complete and efficient solution for those customers.

Single Source Solution